The GoI runs several schemes and programmes to train and finance entrepreneurs . The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) administered by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MoSME) is one of the largest credit-linked subsidy schemes. It provides finance towards the set-up costs of entrepreneurial ventures in the manufacturing and services sectors. The National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) of the MoRD runs programmes to promote self-employment in rural areas, which has significantly enhanced availability of capital for productive purposes in rural areas. Under the NRLM, a cadre of Micro-Enterprise Consultants (MECs) is also being trained to support rural entrepreneurs through the process of idea incubation, business plan generation, credit sourcing and execution. Further, Rural Self-employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) are playing an important role by providing training for self- employment.

Explanatory Memorandum of the Scheme

Haryana recognizes that physical activity and sports are integral parts of state culture and society and translates into the benefits in terms of health, social cohesion, economic activity, cultural enrichment and improved quality of life; The Government of Haryana aims to increase awareness among Haryana residents regarding significant benefits of physical activity and the practice of sports.

The Government of Haryana wishes to encourage and assist residents in increasing level of physical activity and their participation in sports as a fundamental premise of health and well-being by integrating physical activity and sports into their daily lives; In furtherance to aforementioned goals the Government of Haryana seeks to encourage cooperation among various institutions of local government, the communities of physical activity and sports and the private sector in the promotion of physical activity and sports; The Government of Haryana cherishes and supports the pursuit of excellence in sports; to enhance capacity in Haryana's sports milieu.

Complete Explanatory Memorandum of the Scheme
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Sports Equipment Scheme

Good quality consumable and non-consumable sports equipments will be purchased for players/ playgrounds in Rajiv Gandhi Khel Parisars, Mini stadium, Sub-Divisional level stadiums, Distt. Level stadiums, State level stadiums in the state. Necessary steps will be taken to upgrade the standard of inventory management. The procurement will be beneficiary-linked and delivery will be to the destination. District Sports Officers and Zonal Deputy Directors will closely monitor outflow of items to intended beneficiaries and submit a monthly utilization reports to the headquarter in prescribed format. Special equipment needs of career players will be catered to. Reputed private training centers will be suitably aided to in their sports promotion activities.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 2,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Infrastructure Scheme

The scheme covers activities mandated vide Art. 21-31 of the Sports Policy.


The department will build stadiums & play grounds in the state’s remaining villages. The landmass of 4 acres and 10% of the project cost will be arranged by the beneficiary panchayat, 90% of funding will be done by the department.

The procedure for availing benefit under the scheme shall be as under:

  1. The Panchayat will transfer leveled land free of cost preferably adjacent to a school along with 10% of project cost to District Sports Council. The District Sports Council will send a proposal containing proposed design of the facility and cost estimate to the sports directorate.
  2. The assets created under this scheme will remain the property of the District Sports Council. In case of dissolution of the body, all the assets and liabilities will pass on to the Government.

Districts Sports Council will take necessary steps to equip maintain and operate these facilities. It will also take suitable steps hiring services of trainers, grounds man and chowkidars on contract basis in accordance with existing government policy to ensure optimum utilization of the facility. MNREGA & PYKKA scheme will be appropriately harnessed in maintaining and operating these facilities.


187 Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Khel Parisars at block level are at various stages of development all over the state. The HRDF is funding and the HSAMB is constructing them. The completed stadiums are being transferred to Sports department for maintenance and operation. Required number of grounds manager, ground men and security guards will be hired on contract basis for operation and maintenance of these complexes. Water and electricity connection will be installed. MNREGA & PYKKA scheme will be appropriately harnessed to equip and maintain them. District Sports Councils will hire services of volunteers on honorarium and trainers on contract basis on need-basis to organize sporting activities in these facilities more efficiently.


The department will build, equip, maintain and operate multi-sports complexes at district headquarters by sanctioning 100% grants-in-aid to District Sports Councils. Besides according districts capacity to hold big-ticket sporting events, such complexes help career sportspersons to hone their skills at international standard playgrounds.


The department will build more modern play-surfaces like Astro-turfs, synthetic tracks and courts at suitable locations to make international standard facilities available to career sportspersons. The department will provide 100% funding for such projects. The Department will explore the avenue for PPP (Public Private Partnership) for building, maintaining and operating high-end sporting facilities.


The scheme will fund up-gradation of existing stadiums and office on need basis. The department will sanction grants-in-aid to District Sports Councils to maintain and operate stadiums and playgrounds as per sports policy. Funds will be utilized for services like horticulture, security, irrigation, minor repair and electricity charges. Instrumentalities like outsourcing, re-employment, private partnership, volunteerism etc will be used to mobilize necessary manpower to operationalize these premises efficiently.

Sports Clubs will be given grants-in-aid to help them in organizing their sports activities.


To accelerate project preparation and monitoring of project under execution better, a Project Cell will be constituted. It will have one Executive Engineer, one SDO, three Junior Engineers, one Head Draftsman, one Accountant-cum-Assistant and one Driver with vehicle. Department will hire technical people from the open market on contract basis to meet the need of technical input. The Cell will focus on contemporary, innovative and cost-efficient designs of playgrounds and work for expeditious completion of ongoing projects.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 35,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Human Resource Development Scheme

The department will organize seminars, workshop and conferences for coaches and athletes to keep them abreast with latest development in their field. The scheme will cover all activities meant for coaches’ skill development [Art. 68-73, Sports Policy, 2009]. It will also fund activities for referee, judges and coaches as envisaged in Art 74-76 in the Sports Policy, 2009.

Coaches will undergo technical courses. Senior coaches on the verge of promotion as DSOs will be made to undergo orientation courses so that they develop necessary administrative skills. Coaches and sports officers will attend important national and international sporting events, workshops and visit premier sporting infrastructure to develop insight for organizing mega events and to identify good practices. Necessary partnerships will be developed with reputed training institutes for developing useful training modules for the state’s coaches.


The scheme shall cover activities mandated vide Art 46-56 of the Sports Policy.

  1. Under the scheme, the department will conduct sports competitions in various games where all players benefiting from the government sports promotion schemes will compete. The tournaments will be meticulously organized and will have rigorous quality control in place. Capable observers will be invited for talent scouting. Sports associations will be invited to see the best in action and factor in their performance while selecting teams to represent the state. A database on participants will be created to weed out the malpractice of underreporting of age by unscrupulous elements. A rigorous quality control will be maintained to ensure that there is no transmission loss and the benefits are transferred to the sportspersons. Sports kits of the concerned game will be provided to players participating in tournaments organized by the department.
  2. The department will organize following tournaments:

    1. Mahila Khel Utsav
    2. PYYKA Tournaments at block, district and state levels
    3. Haryana Premier League in Gymnastics, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Athletics,   Volleyball, Kabaddi, Table Tennis, Badminton, Weightlifting, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Yoga, Handball, Hockey and any other game with Dire.
    4. Weekend and league matches among players of Nurseries, Wings and Academies.
    5. Annual State Sports Tournament for Physically Challenged.
  3. The department will organize camps prior to national championships in different games. Along with coaching, diet money @ Rs.150 per player per day will be given.

The scheme shall cover activities mandated vide Art 39-43 of the Sports Policy.

  1. The department runs day-boarding and residential nurseries for talented players in 8-19 years age group. 5000 beneficiaries will be identified through Sports & Physical Aptitude Test. The players will have the choice of opting for day-boarding or residential nurseries. The day-boarders will be paid scholarships @ Rs 1500 for 8-14 years age group and Rs 2000 for 15-19 years along with sports kit of Rs. 400/- per player. Diet money of Rs. 150 per day per beneficiary will be paid for residential nurseries along with sports kits of Rs. 3000 along with necessary sports equipments. Residential nurseries will be adequately furnished and equipped. State’s players winning medals at state and participating at national and international levels will also be eligible for admission in the residential nurseries.
  2. Four multi-sport talent development centers in six popular games will be developed in collaboration with willing sponsors. These centers will be iconic and will provide most talented of players –scoring very high in SPAT or winning medals at state and having participated at national and international level best of training facilities. Players of these centers will compete regularly among themselves and with other comparable teams to upscale their sporting standard.
  3. The Department will hire coaches and other support staffs on contract basis to meet the manpower deficit if any in running nurseries, academies, wings, and multi-sports talent development centers.

The medal winners at state level and participants in national and international recognized tournaments at junior and senior levels in games recognized by the department will be aided with sports equipment and training by department’s coaches. Monthly refreshment money of Rs. 1500 at junior level and Rs. 2000 at senior level will be paid directly to the players as incentive for a period of six months starting from the month of August.


Academies will accommodate best of talents and serve as training ground for international medal prospects from the state. The academies will have best of training facilities. Best of coaches and support staff will be deployed. They may be hired on contract basis as per requirement. The Academy players will compete regularly, particularly on weekends, to stay match-fit. Provisions for supplementary diets will be made on the line of SAI. Academies may enlist support from private sector as per the government’s PPP policy.

  1. On all playgrounds of the departments, coaches will run Centers. In case of paucity of manpower, department will hire trainers on contract basis to manage these centers.
  2. Steps will be taken to have in the department on deputation sports quota inductees from other departments and utilize them in manning department’s stadiums and playfields. They shall be made to undergo a pre-deployment short-duration course in coaching. Sports enthusiasts and retired coaches shall be encouraged to contribute on honorarium basis.
  3. Yoga coaches and volunteers will run centers from department’s premise. They will also organize camps and hold tournaments aimed at popularizing yoga among masses as envisaged vide Art. 77-82 of the Sports Policy.

  4. Resource Centers will be developed at district sports complexes and academies. It will have adequate number of audiovisual equipments whereby sportspersons can use video analysis software to improve their performance. It shall also stock latest CDs/DVDs on techniques of the game. It shall serve as single-point, exhaustive source of information and expert advice on matters relating to sports. It will have a lounge, a small library and necessary equipments. It shall be manned by Coaches, Doctors, Sports Psychologists and other experts.
  5. Four divisional multi-sport talent development centers will be set up to manage young talented athletes. League matches and state level tournaments like “Chief Minister Cup” in different games will be organized to give players competitive opportunities.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 18,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Msaa Popularization of Sports Scheme
  1. Under the banner of ‘Play For India’, the department will take steps to bridge the knowledge gap between facilities and opportunities available and people's awareness about these through aggressive information campaign. The campaign will aim at spreading awareness on following lines: KYC [Know Your Coaches], KYP [Know Your Play fields], KYSIR [Know Your Sporting Icons/Records] KYAP [Know Your Athletic Potential], KAOS [Know About Opportunities in Sports].
  2. DSOs will use YCOs’ services for popularizing sports. Preventive healthcare, counter-delinquency and community building role of sports will be publicized through mass media and mass contact programs like street corner plays, essay, painting, singing, debate, leaflets, marathon, festivals. Signages in the way leading to sporting facilities will be clearly visible and pronounced.
  3. Information material on mobile platform will be developed to reach out to target beneficiaries through their cellular phones. A mobile/audio book will be developed containing usable information about department’s schemes.
  4. Sports & Physical Aptitude Tests will be conducted every year under the scheme to identify beneficiaries for Nursery scheme.
  5. Diet charges to SPAT participants & activities to popularize of sports in the masses/States.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Youth Development Scheme

Under the scheme, the department will undertake activities aimed at helping youth to grow into well-adjusted individuals and productive citizens. Steps will be taken to foster constructive behavior among youth and help them in actualizing their potential.

  1. Camps & Adventure Sports
  2. The department will organize camps for youth and offer them opportunities to participate in adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, skiing, rafting, water sports and paragliding. These activities will help them in developing espirit de corps and conquer fears. They will also be educated to stay away from disruptive behavior and hurtful addictions and trained on ways to spend leisure time constructively.

  3. Competitions on Youth Related Issues
  4. Block, district and state-level essay-writing, painting, debate, poetry, short-story writing, drama, music and dance competitions on youth-related issues will be organized. The aim will be to raise their level of awareness and give the young boys and girls opportunity to showcase their extra-curricular talent.

  5. YCO Centers
  6. Youth & Cultural Organizers will run centers and impart training in music, dance, drama, painting and oratory. The centers will be well-equipped and will have necessary fund to hire services on outsourcing basis.

  7. Workshop & Seminars
  8. The department will organize workshop and seminars on youth-related issues such as reproductive health, drug de-addiction, delinquency, career options, current national and international affairs, environment protection, energy conservation etc. Help of expert and agencies with requisite core competence in the area will be taken. Motivational and personality development workshops will be periodically organized across the state.

  9. Cultural Exchange Programs & Youth Festivals
  10. The department shall take necessary steps to organize and participate in cultural exchange programs. Youth & Cultural Organizers will maintain a database of willing and eligible participants. Partnerships will be forged with NGO and international bodies working on youth related issues. Youth festivals at district and state level will be organized in time.

    Youth Clubs Under the scheme, the department will provide grant-in-aid to youth Clubs and NGOs active in the area of youth empowerment and development. Special attention will be given to youth clubs active in areas like weaning youngsters away from disruptive behavior and engaging them in constructive activities like sports, environment protection, energy conservation, cultural exchange programs etc.

  11. Cultural Scholarships
  12. 500 scholarships of @ Rs 1000 per month will be given to youth excelling in Cultural Talent Hunt Program.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015 for this scheme.

Modernization of Information System

The scheme will cover activities mandated vide 19-20 of the sports policy.

  1. Management of Information System
  2. The scheme will fund implementation of the department’s IT plan. Purchases will be made against the condemned computers as well as against the fresh requirement. Needed manpower will be hired under outsourcing policy. Required application will be got developed on outsourcing basis.

    The department’s website and will have online interface with intended beneficiaries.

    A database on project underway will be maintained depicting details of fund released current status and likely date of completion. Resource mapping will be done to keep track of equipments given to playgrounds throughout the state.

    Salary, consumable items, maintenance charges of the computers, purchase of new hardware, software and furniture etc. will be funded from this head.

  3. Sports Library
  4. Books and CDs/DVDs of different categories containing information on sports will be procured under the scheme. Coffee table books will be published on the state’s sporting achievement. Documentaries on sports will also be got prepared highlighting state’s sporting schemes and achievements.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Sports Awards & Incentive Scheme

The scheme will cover activities mandated vide Art. 32-38 of the sports policy.

Awards and incentives will be disbursed to beneficiaries identified as per department’s sports policy. Medal winners at junior levels will also be given incentives for achievements in recognized tournaments.

The department will provide special financial assistance up to Rs.5.00 lakhs to the sportspersons in case of injury and to their family in case of expiry of sportspersons.

State Sports Council Scheme

The scheme shall provide fund for activities mandated vide Art 57-67, 83-84, 88-89 of the Sports Policy.

  1. Haryana Sports Development Society
  2. Haryana Sports Development Society will be set to organize sports activities with the help of Haryana Sports Development Fund. The Society will hire talented CEOs and Directors from open market on contract basis to execute sports projects on corporate lines. They will be paid market remuneration and will have quarterly deliverables spelt out in their job contract.Haryana Sports Development Fund will accord sports loving people and entities to contribute for sports promotion. The fund will be utilized to meet special requirements of talented athletes and supplementing sports promotion efforts of the Department.

  3. Grants-in-aid to Sports Association
  4. Grants-in-aid will be given to recognized sports associations and clubs as per guidelines on the subject.

Hence, an amount Rs. 30,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Promotion of Sports Activities

The fund will be utilized in sports promotion activities like building, maintaining and operating nplaygrounds in the state, hosting sports competitions, meeting training requirements (manpower and infrastructure), building modern sports facilities, procuring specialized high-end equipments, hiring specialized coaches etc. The focus of the scheme will be top-class maintenance and operation of the playgrounds. Besides this, in future all kinds of awards and incentives will be disbursed to beneficiaries from Sports Development Fund and Grant-in-aid to the Sports Development Fund will be given under this scheme. Provision in this scheme has been made on the basis of collections in the cess on liquor.

Hence, an amount Rs. 30,00,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015.

4202-Capital outlay

All the construction work of Sports & Youth Affairs Department to build up Stadiums, Playgrounds Multi Sports Complexes and Modern play surfaces will be done under this scheme. Beside this, on going construction work and other new projects of Motilal Nehru Sports School, Rai are also to be undertaken during the year 2013-14. Construction of Rifle Shooting Complex as per CM announcement.

Hence, a provision of Rs. 10,00,00,000 lacs has been proposed for the year 2014-2015.

Centrally-Sponsored Scheme

The scheme aims to encourage and promote sports and games among rural youth by providing basic sports infrastructure and equipment at the panchayat levels and opportunity to participate in sports competitions at the Block, District, State and National levels. The scheme creates additional capacities and opportunities at the grass root level. One time seed capital grant will be shared between central Government and State Government in the ratio of 75:25. School playgrounds in the Panchyats will be equipped and PTI/DPEs will preferably be appointed as Krida Shris. The Krida Shris may be given kits from department’s budget.

Hence, an amount of Rs. 6,80,00,000/- is proposed for the year 2014-2015