Results Framework Document
Section 1


To make Haryana the best sporting state in the country and to facilitate development and engagement of youth to achieve their full potential.


Greater participation in sports.Higher sporting standard of the state at national and international level.Effective youth engagement to promote volunteerism and good citizenship


  • To popularize sports and increase participation of all sections in Sports.
  • To popularize sports among women and disadvantaged sections. To provide special facilities for differently abled sportspersons.
  • To raise state's sporting standards,
  • To provide quality sports infrastructure of National / International standard in the state.
  • To engage youth constructively and encourage them to develop leadership, volunteerism, employability and skill development.

Results Framework Document

  • Develop sporting infrastructure
  • Organize talent hunt programs
  • Run Coaching Centers, Nurseries, Academies & Wings
  • Organize camps and competitions
  • Give away cash awards and jobs for sporting achievements
  • Honorariums to retired players
  • Fairplay scholarships for SC players and stadiums in SC villages
  • Adventure camps and youth festivals for youth
Section 2

Inter se Priorities among Key Objectives, Success indicators and Targets

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